Bush Family Desperate To Keep Dynasty Alive With George P. Bush

George W. Bush writes $100,000 check for George P. Bush's campaign.

While Jeb! wrote a $25,000 check for his son’s campaign.

On the campaign trail, George P. Bush acts like he’s a Trump Republican yet his family are all NeverTrump Republicans to the point where they’ve bankrolled Liz Cheney’s reelection campaign.  

George P. Bush said he talks strategy with his uncle and didn’t rule out having his family campaign for him in a runoff. 

The Associated Press points out that at a recent campaign stop, P. Bush didn’t mention Trump, but his campaign passed out leaflets showing him with the former president. 

When George P. Bush loses the primary, it will mark the one of the few times in the last 50 years that there is no Bush in elected office. 

As Texas Monthly’s Forest Wilder writes:

“...the Bush dynasty is hanging by a thread. George W. is spending his post-presidency painting portraits of military veterans and immigrants. Jeb is an almost-forgotten punch line from his humiliating 2016 campaign for president. And 2018 saw the death of George H. W., the paterfamilias whose passing occasioned nostalgia in some quarters for a more genteel era of Republican politics. The third or fourth generation—but who’s counting?—has not been as politically potent as previous ones. When Pierce Bush, P.’s cousin, ran for a Houston-area congressional seat in 2020, he came in a distant third in the GOP primary. Barbara and Jenna and Jebby Jr. have evinced little interest in the family business. If there is a future for the Bush brand, it must be carried by the man H.W. once introduced as one of “the little brown ones.”

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