POLL QUESTION: Hidalgo's solution for the violent crime wave

With violent crime out of control in the U.S. and here in Houston, the left continues to blame the guns, not the criminals.

"Folks are seeing historic rises in crime in some cities where they have rogue prosecutors" said former prosecutor Cully Stimson, legal fellow now with the Heritage Foundation, "So you have this toxic trio of defund the police, demoralize police, and these Soros backed rogue prosecutors, and it's a recipe for misery and disaster."

Crime has been an absolute disaster in Harris County, but instead of using some of the $1.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to try and 're-fund' the police, judge Lina Hidalgo has vowed to hire more liberal prosecutors, who will be light on crime.

"The problem with the progressive, or rogue prosecutor movement is they're entirely pro-criminal and anti-victim" Stimson told KTRH, "So they refuse to enforce entire categories of crime that the legislators have passed, and the governors have signed, and as a result their radical ideas result in exploding crime rates in their cities."

The exploding crime rate continues to rise here in Houston, with Hidalgo and the Democrats making a critical mistake by continuing to focus on gun control, instead of the real problems which are liberal judges, prosecutors, and bail reform.

"As a former prosecutor at the local, state, and federal level, I know just like everyone else with a brain, it's not the flow of guns, it's the use of guns by recidivous criminals who these rogue prosecutors just refuse to prosecute" he said.

That leads us to the poll question today.

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