A Plane Crash in West Houston

Last evening (2-11-2022) , a couple were flying into Houston in a Mooney M20J plane, apparently attempting an approach and landing into West Houston Airport when the plane hit trees, and landed on the 8th hole of the Pine Forest County Club. The plane landed upside down.

Emergency professionals were called, and according to Harris County Sheriff's deputies, fire departments from 3 different locations were brought in. There the first fighters took an hour or so to extricate the man and woman from the upside down aircraft. Law Enforcement officials enthusiastically praised the professionals for their amazing work. Both people were awake and able to talk during the maneuver...and were life flighted to a nearby hospital.

photo: Gettyimages

A police crime scene tape close-up

Police and Fire Fighters successfully pulled 2 from crashed planePhoto: Getty Images

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