Supply Chain Issues Could Dampen Your Valentine Gift Giving

Valentine's Day is Monday - and supply chain issues are causing Valentine gift problems. This year Elaine Nevarez of Elaine's Florist and Gift Baskets is being flexible with product shortages and price changes even on their special Ecuadorian roses. "Price is going up significantly with our roses - that's where the main price increase is occurring. I suggest, if you like, a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers and include some roses - instead of giving a bouquet of all roses!" She says they're also adaptable when purchasing their chocolates. "We normally order our chocolates from one company and this year they do not have the specific product we're looking for. So, we're shifting to another chocolate product to put in our gift baskets. We still have chocolate available --- this year we just have to be flexible about the kind of chocolate we're carrying."

Out of Stock: Supply Chain Damage

And you can't have flowers without a beautiful vase to hold them. Believe it or not - there are shortages in some types of glass vases. Elaine explains, "We have run into some snags on glassware. So - I went ahead and ordered that back in the beginning of January before the other florists got to it!!"

Traditionally, Valentine's Day sales make up around a third of Flower and Gift Shops' annual receipts, and those that didn't plan ahead may be hurting.

After all, inflation, product scarcity and a few brand changes shouldn't dampen your valentine spirit. Have a LOVEly holiday!


Three Dozen Red Roses

Valentines Day is MondayPhoto: Getty Images

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