River Oaks Theater Brings Back Yesterday

The River Oaks Theater is going to reach into its past to fulfill its destiny.

The ultra-trendy, art deco, vintage movie house featured independent films in it’s heyday, and will do that but so much more when it reopens later this year.

The theater closed last spring to community outcries of lost eras lamenting bygone days, but now that Sugarland-based Star Cinema Grille is picking up the lease it will be a modern take on the classic movie experience that might include quesadillas or brisket burgers.

The three screens will remain, a new live stage built in, larger and more comfortable seating added, and a lot of creativity going forward in selections to feature on the silver screen.

Star Cinema Grill shows top films at its locations in Richmond, Cypress, Spring, College Station, Vintage Park, Missouri City, Baybrook and Conroe, but will keep options open at River Oaks Theater. After all, tomorrow is another day.

photo: Getty Images

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