Is It Time For The U.S. To Leave NATO?

With our looming involvement in the Russia - Ukraine crisis, some are wondering if it is time for the U.S. to leave NATO.

"Should we stay in NATO? Of course we should" said former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Charles, "But an alliance is just a simple sheet of paper. This alliance has to be brought to life and made real in this moment, and that means U.S. leadership. Right now we look like a paper tiger, and I think we need to start getting some teeth and start looking like a real tiger."

It's been a well covered 73 run with NATO, but as Donald Trump tried to point out before being attacked by the left, it's time for the majority of NATO countries to do their part, and not just rely on us or our military to do all of the dirty work.

"Trump said the vast majority of you, what 22 out of 28? have not paid your portion of the NATO budget requirements" Charles told KTRH, "If American sons and daughters are going to be in harms way for your benefit, then you better darn well make sure that you're paying your end of that same bargain."

Which has not been the case. Making matters worse is the poor leadership on display under Joe Biden.

"Right now what you are seeing is a crisis of leadership" Charles said, but he still believes that the U.S. to lead the way, and it would not be in our character to turn our backs and let Europe fend for itself.

"Not only can we not let that happen there, but China is watching this very closely." And if we leave Europe now, China would be more than happy to take our spot.

United Nations Security Council Meets On Situation Between Russia And Ukraine

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