Bracing For A Freeze – Will The Power Grid Hold Up This Time?

With an arctic blast heading to Texas, ERCOT says the Texas power grid will be ready, and we should be ok.

Not exactly complete confidence, but Governor Abbott did note that there could be some power outages due to fallen trees, or other factors not caused by the power grid.

"We don't expect anywhere near the severe temperatures we saw last year" said Galveston County Judge Mark Henry, "So, I'm assuming that would translate into fewer problems for the power suppliers, I think that we're going to be ok in the coming days, at least in Galveston County and hopefully statewide."

ERCOT says it is anticipating the highest demand for power on Friday morning, and that they have an excess of 15,000 megawatts. But as we learned last year, it's not always about the amount of power, it's where does the power go to?

"Our concern is again being disproportionally blacked out of power, while places like downtown Houston are still lit-up like Christmas trees in unoccupied buildings" Judge Henry told KTRH, "So that's the concern, not that we will suffer freezing temperatures here, icy roads, things like that."

Either way, for the very latest, make sure you stay connected to news radio KTRH.


Photo: Getty Images

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