Workers Staying Put and Pessimistic About Raises

Many surveyed American workers are pessimistic about raises. Career Transition Expert Andy Challenger, President of Challenger, Gray and Christmas: " "I do think there's a tendency over the last few years that people are less and less likely to move for a new job." He says bonuses and higher wages are going to people who will change their zip codes and not to workers who have been with the company for years...whose raises may be small. "I think where some of the pessimism is coming from is the enormous amount of inflation that we are seeing and if it continues, wage increases may not keep up." Some even think next year their wages will be smaller.

Although they are now less optimistic they’ll get a raise soon, most still plan to hold on to their current job. The recent Rasmussen Report finding only 39% of American adults who work full-time believe they will be earning more money a year from today. "Those job seekers that are willing to more are going to have the greatest increases in pay because employers are willing to pay quite a bit now for employees who are flexible and are willing to take a leap!" says Challenger. He says a growing aversion to physically moving for a job when being in front of your boss helps with your own bottom line as well as growing inflation are adding to the pessimism.


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Many American workers are pessimistic about future raises.Photo: Getty Images

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