How The U.S. Lost Its Dominance Under Joe Biden

In addition to the multiple self-inflicted problems here in the U.S., Joe Biden is also staring at national security issues across the globe.

"The U.S. is facing an increasingly divided geo-political situation right now with Russia and China both vying to become the next co-super powers with the United States" said Kenny Xu, political and foreign policy expert, "They are trying to push their military, and their technological capability to the brink."

It was a completely different story when Donald Trump was in office. But now under Joe Biden, the U.S. has lost it's dominance, and as result our enemies now sense weakness.

"I think we're going to continue to be tested, and the question is will the U.S. rise up to the challenge?" Xu told KTRH, "I think Taiwan is going to be a major point of contention. If the U.S. doesn't step up? Or if the U.S. cowers? You can expect something to go on."

Either way, there is still a lot going on. Between China and Russia, North Korea is now feeling it, ISIS is back at it in Syria, and don't look now but thanks to Biden's big financial bail-out, here comes Iran. In the meantime here in the U.S., we are weak on the outside, because of all of the damage we have done to ourselves, here on the inside.

"The left, which has basically taken power because of a weak Joe Biden" Xu said, "Has thrived on dividing Americans by silly categories like race, gender, and sexuality, and has focused people's attention on those matters instead of building up human capital."

The other X factor in all of this is the Biden family's close ties with China. No hoax, but no coverage, from the mainstream media.

"Joe Biden is certainly a weak president, and we're mediocre" Xu said, "A sort of lethargic country that is maybe gotten too full of itself, or too self indulgent. The U.S. is definitely starting to lose some ground."


Photo: Getty Images

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