Republicans Plan To Win Back The Senate, Then Do Nothing, Per Usual

With excitement building over the oncoming 'red tsunami', there are some in the GOP that are not OK, with some recent comments by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

With the unspeakable damage done in just one year by Joe Biden, Republicans and now most Americans, believe that this is a pretty important year. And yet McConnell recently said he does not have any type of agenda for this year, with Republicans looking to retake the majority in the House and the Senate.

"This is a decision that McConnell is making out of a strategic sense, that he knows that the more we focus on Biden's failure's, the better Republicans are going to do" said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, "The Senate majority is at stake here, it is so close and there is really no room to make mistakes, and no margin for error."

There is no disagreement there, but many in the GOP are concerned that when Republicans are in power, they don't do anything with it.

"I understand some activists, they feel like we haven't got enough done, and that the Democrats are a little bit more effective, a little bit more ruthless" Mackowiak told KTRH, "To be honest with you, had we not blown the two Senate seats in Georgia, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in right now. Republicans want to push, but our ability to do very much is going to be limited until we have the White House, House, and the Senate, all at the same time."

In the meantime, the countdown is on to the November midterms, and 2024.

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