New Poll: A Majority Of Americans Believe The U.S. Is Going Downhill

Yet another bad poll for Joe Biden, but this time it's from the left.

According to NBC News, 72% believe that the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction. What is also noteworthy, this is the second consecutive poll that Biden's disapproval was above 70%, and according to NBC News it's just the sixth time that has ever happened in the history of the poll.

"They're terrible policies, and that's what you are seeing Americans out there respond to" said political strategist and tv personality Jessica Colon, "The mainstream media can't deny how bad this Biden administration is, and what a terrible messenger Joe Biden is."

The bottom line is, the majority of Americans believe the country is in really bad shape. Politically, socially, economically, and that they are falling behind. In the poll were words like 'downhill' and 'divisive'.

"People believe that the country is going in the wrong direction" Colon told KTRH, "When crime, when prices at the grocery store and the gas pump are increasing at such a rapid rate."

Most of this was predicted a year ago, although no one could have ever imagined it would be this bad. What is a surprise is that even the mainstream media can no longer hide Biden's abysmal performance.

"The mainstream media has been the ultimate C.Y.A. for the Democrat party, and this socialist agenda" Colon said, "But when you see these low approval ratings of Joe Biden on a regular basis, you can't deny the average of all the surveys."

The numbers don't lie.

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