Americans Are Mentally Checking Out from Work

It’s the hidden Resignation.

The headlines have been filled with conversation about the Great Resignation, as record numbers of people quit their jobs, but Wall Street Journal best-selling author Krister Ungerbock says the greater threat to corporate American is the Hidden Resignation, and it’s a lack of empathy by the C-Suite that is driving that.

“There have been 70 different research studies showing the boss is the number one source of why people are unhappy at work,” Ungerbock says. The hidden resignation is the people who show up to collect the paycheck but mentally aren’t there, and don’t really give a crap.

It’s all about compassion, and if no one cares about them, most American workers have developed an attitude that they don’t need to care about the businesses’ needs.

“Americans don’t have the philosophy of living to work any longer. They are looking to work to live, and the bosses who realize that and recognize that are the ones who are going to come out of this more quickly,” he adds.

photo: Getty Images

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