Rent an RV and See America

The allure of the open road and the panorama of America is compelling more and more people to enter the RV rental market, and why not?

“You can have an air conditioner that’s usually better than the one you have at home, you can have satellite TV, really good Wi-Fi,” says Jon Gray, CEO of RVshare, the world’s largest RV rental share company. And you can step outside and look at the Grand Canyon or Big Bend National Park.

The idea of going on an RV vacation picked up interest during Covid restrictions when people were avoiding each other and planes were on the ground. The planes are flying but spending time with family in the great outdoors has become an increasingly attractive way to spend a vacation under any circumstances.

A recent travel survey found between 90-100% of people want a vacation this year.

And now with rental an option in what can be an expensive hobby families of RVers are heading to Alaska, or the fall colors of New England, or across Civil War battlefields of the south, or along the Pacific Coast Highway in the west. Among those opting in are music festival attendees. “…have a great air-conditioned place with a clean bathroom and a comfortable bed and a kitchen while everybody else is sleeping outside in a hot tent,” adds Gray.

RV’s have always been popular with retirees, and as generations shift – perhaps it’s time for a Woodstock redux – this time with RV’s!!

photo: Getty Images

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