Education Experts: Nationwide Teacher Shortages Causing Crisis

Public schools across the country are still dealing with widespread staffing shortages. Parents, volunteers, and National Guard members are filling in as substitute teachers. Even the Governor of New Mexico is volunteering in her home state. However, education expert Jean Burk says the lack of experienced instructors is setting students back.

“These are people who don’t know the subject. They’re not experienced,” Burk said. “So, the kids aren’t going to be learning. They’re just being babysat.”

President Biden has touted that 95% of public schools are fully open, but he hasn't addressed the widespread lack of staff.

“A shortage of qualified teachers is just getting worse. They need high quality, experienced teachers to get the learning that they deserve,” Burk explained. “But they’re not getting it, and this is why we’re seeing such an abandoning of the school system.”

Experts say we're in a public education crisis, despite the administration giving out $122 billion to schools in COVID-19 relief funding.

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