Are We Any Closer To Solving The Chip Shortage?

We've heard about the 'chip shortage' for months now, and in the meantime car prices continue to rise. Yet another item on the list for the Biden administration.

"They had a chip aid bill that passed in the Senate 7 months ago" said Nicholas Ballasy, senior correspondent for Just The News, "During that time frame, vehicle prices have done nothing but go up."

You read it correctly. A bill that would help U.S. chipmakers passed in the Senate 7 months ago! So what happened when it got to the House?

"The Biden administration, the House, they were focused on other issues and I just think it was thrown on the back burner" Ballasy told KTRH, "They could have just passed a clean bill with the chip funding to help with the supply chain problem, and the chip manufacturers, and they didn't do it."

Instead, Congress has introduced a new bill of their own, but it's with a notable addition. Money for climate change.

"It might be seen as a help to the green movement, and electric cars in the future" Ballasy said, "People might say look at the price of gas, look at the price of a gas car, I might as well go to an electric car."

So basically, we are back to where we were 7 months ago. "They're going to have to go through this whole process again" Ballasy again, "So who knows how long it will take to even pass this newer version? This could be a way longer time frame that we're looking at here."

Translation: Don't expect the chip shortage to end, or car prices to come down, anytime soon.

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