Using War To Distract From A Disastrous Presidency

What do you do when you record low approval numbers, sky high inflation, massive crime, and a wide open border? You get involved in a war!

It's the perfect distraction, especially with the 'red tsunami' building for this years midterms. And as we saw this week when the president called FOX reporter Peter Doocy "a stupid s.o.b", Joe Biden has a temper, and many believe that he welcomes the opportunity to get involved in the Ukraine conflict.

"Biden said "If Trump and I went outside, I would beat him up, and he would know who is in charge" said Andrea Widburg, editor with American Thinker, "So, Biden has always been extraordinarily oriented towards fighting."

But wouldn't this be a move that could backfire on the Biden administration? Especially after the Afghanistan debacle? "In DC they think this is a win-win to do this" Widburg told KTRH, "I think this kind of war would be the destruction of the Democrat party, assuming it doesn't destroy America first."

Not only is Andrea Widburg an excellent writer and editor, she is also a history major, and she says what is happening right now with Russia and Ukraine is eerily similar to the start of World War One.

"I see everything in terms of the past, for better or worse" Widburg said, "In this case it really is a very disturbing analogy because it also unleased on the world everything that is wrong with today's world. And it all started with one tiny little event, in one tiny little country."

History really does have a way of repeating itself, and elections really do have serious consequences.


Photo: Getty Images

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