Southwest Airlines Could Have Upcoming changes --- Or Not!

Southwest Airlines flies your first two bags for free. The third and fourth will cost you! They're hinting that they may drop that perk to make up income they from lost business fliers. Airline expert Jay Ratliff. "Southwest generates $50million or so a year in bag fees. Somebody like United, Delta or American collect $1billion and don't think that fact is lost on Southwest Airlines." For 50 years Southwest has enjoyed a great on-time record with open seating. Their new CEO Bob Jordan is hinting changes like assigned seating could be on their way. They're not saying. Ratliff: "Certainly as we move forward it will be interesting to see what --- if anything --- they will roll out."

Ratliff's thoughts: "Southwest leads the industry in so many, creative, innovative idea --- it's going to be fascinating to see what they come up with if they go the route of assigned seating." Ratliff says this could boost their numbers with groups that want seats together. New CEO Bob Jordan starts his new gig February First.

photo: GettyImages

Southwest Airlines 737 Commercial Jet Airplane

New CEO for Southwest may bring in new policies.Photo: Getty Images

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