Higher Education Sees Lower Numbers

In the last 2 years...American college numbers (students enrolling) have declined by almost a million students. Education Expert Dr. Marty Nemko says parents are considering the excessive cost of college and students are thinking about the pandemic lockdown rules. "So many people want to go to college to experience 'College Life'. They're thinking: 'The Dorm Life. The Extracurricular Life. The Fun Life.' --- Not necessarily 'The Academic Life!' And with the Covid Lockdown and the Remote Learning it brings, you'll seeing a decline in student numbers."

At the same time, Trade School enrollment is growing - boasting a much quicker return on investment and probably no woke commentary. In recent years, college enrollment in the big 5 majors: Business, Health, Liberal Arts, Biology, & Engineering is falling. "If you look at the number of people majoring in Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, and Political Science - which translates into 'Activism' - I think you'll see a jump [in student numbers.]" Dr. Nemko says schools teaching the trades are booming without a hint of un-wanted political slant, unlike many college classes. "Master Plumbers have devoted their life no to raising a placard but installing a toilet, so they will be less interested in politicizing." He says college debt can go on for decades, but skilled jobs usually offer immediate employment and a quicker debt pay-off.


Professional plumber with apprentice in class

Trade Schools are booming.Photo: Getty Images

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