Criticize Border Chaos And You’ll Be Punished – Even If You’re A Democrat

Imagine being a longtime member of congress and having your home raided by the FBI, just for criticizing the Biden administration over the border. And you are a Democrat.

That is exactly what happened to longtime Texas congressman Henry Cuellar. The reason was allegedly for the Azerbaijan probe. But most analysts believe that this was purely retaliation, for Cuellar's outspoken criticism against the border debacle.

"It is very interesting that the only Democrat congressman to speak out about the border issues, and speak out against the Biden administration is Henry Cuellar" said Bob Price with Breitbart Texas, "And now in the middle of a political season, you see what could be perceived as retaliation against the congressman."

The Dems apparently are looking for Jessica Cisneros to move past Cuellar in the March 1. Cisneros came within 4 percentage points of beating Cuellar in 2020, and now has the full backing of the radical, progressives like Bernie Sanders, and A.O.C.

Democrats going after their opposition it is not a new thing.

"When you look at the history of the Obama-Biden administration, they weaponized almost every 3 letter agency in the federal government against political opponents" Price told KTRH, "So, for Joe Biden to come forward and do that again in this administration is not shocking at all. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go after other political opponents as well."

If Cisneros does end up winning the primary over Cuellar, many experts believe that a Republican will have a great chance to win the seat in November.

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