How To Lose Friends And Influence People

Do what we say, not what we do. That has become the way of Democrats, who for 8 years under Obama told us we had to "respect the office", and then the last 4 years, it was anything goes under Donald Trump.

Now, if you are a conservative you will be cancelled.

"We see a lot of double standards" said political analyst Felicia Cravens, "This is a media narrative to silence conservatives, make their views look and feel like they're alien and weird. It's not supposed to be only one way, and that is a thing that is happening in this society right now."

What is also happening is that many conservatives are faced with a tough decision. Do they speak the truth and take a stand? Or do they keep silent, so that they keep a casual friendship?

"It's incumbent upon conservatives and people with strong convictions to speak out" Cravens told KTRH, "We have to speak out on things like their health care decisions, about the virus, or how schools educate our children. We shouldn't be shamed, or coerced into silence over those things."

But sadly we are, with the left's hypocrisy now completely out of control. The best thing to do is remember what you learned in grade school. Two wrongs, don't make a right.

"It's hard to choose whether we want to maintain a relationship? Or whether we want to have our say" Cravens said.

Be a light, lead with love, and pray for your enemies. Thankfully, the pandemic is now an endemic. And the 'red wave' will be arriving in November.

Angry woman shouting at man whist having argument

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