Tow Truck Driver Killed While Helping A Stranded Motorist

Saturday morning (1-22-2022) around 2:00, a tow truck operator was helping a stranded driver on the side of Highway 290. While loading the driver's car onto his truck, he was hit and killed. The driver that hit the operator fled the scene.

The stranded driver was not injured during the incident.

AAA released a statement, saying in part:

Deaths like these can be avoided if drivers slow down and move over to give tow truck operators the room they need to work safely. We can’t stress enough how important it is for drivers to pay attention so they have time to change lanes when they see AAA, an emergency responder, or simply anybody stopped along the side of the road.”

photo: GettyImages

Tow Truck Operator at Sunset

Houston AAA tow truck driver hit and killedPhoto: Getty Images

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