How Big Pharma Is Driving COVID-19 Media Corruption

The pandemic has become an endemic. Unfortunately, you won't hear that. Why? There is a Covid conflict of interest.

"We wanted to make sure that we didn't overrun the hospitals" said David Balat with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "And then it became something else, and then it became something else. It really is just a travesty to me."

Problem number one is, big pharma is giving big money to tv stations, resulting in a slanted view and narrative on numbers, treatment, and recovery.

"When a significant component of their revenue comes from advertisers, and specifically advertisers that are selling pharmaceutical drugs" Balat told KTRH, "There could be some hesitancy, being as honest as they want to be otherwise."

The second issue is, hospitals have cashed in on Covid, and aren't in a hurry for the golden goose to go away. That is why Harris County is back up to code red, and why we keep getting bombarded with positive test case numbers, even though they don't mean anything.

"There's a financial incentive, and that financial incentive will continue to be there so long as there is a state of emergency" Balat said, "We're going to continue to see some inflated numbers, that may or may not be accurate."

Is it follow the science? Or follow the money?

Cropped Hand Holding Fake News In Digital Tablet

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