The Left Is Hell Bent On Furthering The Welfare State

After one of the worst first years ever for a U.S. president, the Democrats have a dilemma. Biden's approval rating is at rock bottom, the agenda has failed, and the 'red wave' is on it's way.

So what to do? More Covid stimulus money!

"The Democrats are being pushed by the progressive wing of the party, which says we have to spend more money, and we only have a small window of opportunity to be able to do that" said policy scholar Merrill Matthews, "Their thinking is, once they get the spending in, you get people addicted to that money."

The government welfare state continues.

It sounds nice on paper. Give out more checks just in time for the midterms. The problem is, because of Biden's historic inflation, those checks don't carry the same weight. Plus, Americans are awake now, and they realize that printing more money is not the solution.

"The point has come that Democrats feel like the only way they win elections is when they hand out money" Matthews told KTRH, "Buying votes has never been as expensive, as it is today."

Welfare, paying people not to work, allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to enter our country every single day. It's all by design, but it's not working.

"Democrats don't know where to go right now" Matthews said, "They can't get the money spent they want to, they can't end the filibuster, they see the numbers in the polls, and they have a president who's not very popular, who is trying to become popular, and is actually failing the more he tries to do it."

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