Is There Still A Supply Chain Crisis Here In Texas?

It's definitely not a nationwide phenomenon like 'Let's Go Brandon', but if you spend any time at all on social media, you may have noticed #EmptyShelvesBiden.

We continue to hear about supply chain issues, and empty shelves, but what about here in Texas?

"I think we're doing much better than in other parts of the country" said longtime grocery industry consultant Gary Huddleston, "Fortunately, here in Texas, there's some major supermarket companies that have distribution centers strategically located around the state, and able to get product into the stores much quicker than in other parts of the country."

That is the key. Big distribution centers, for a big state. Keeping things in house, which is why there are supply chain issues in other states, but not here in Texas.

"I think it's somewhat a media thing" Huddleston told KTRH, "I believe there are two issues going, customers that may not be able to find exactly the product they've been able to buy in the past, and using social media to talk about it. And of course, inflation is compounding it."

The inflation is real everywhere, but thankfully empty shelves have not been a problem here in Texas. As for the rest of the year moving forward? Huddleston says we're in good shape, especially with Omicron going away.

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