Farmers See Fertilizer Prices Rapidly Rising, Could Jump 80% in 2022

Farmers are trying to figure out how to spread their fertilizer dollars a little further.

Fertilizer prices have reached record highs, and a new report out of Texas A&M University says prices could skyrocket as much as 80% this year. Supply and Demand is cited as a key reason why farmers are paying more.

“It certainly is another blow. That’s for sure,” Agricultural economist David Anderson said. “Not counting the pandemic and the turmoil and price volatility farmers have faced because of that, but now this is higher production costs.”

Farmers are scratching their heads, trying to figure out why fertilizer prices have risen so fast. In some parts of the country, the cost has tripled.

“That impact does vary by the type of crop because of their different fertilizer uses, but what this really means is that they’re going to be behind the eight ball this year,” Anderson explained.

He adds that producers are not only dealing with sticker shock, but they may see product shortages in 2022. Anderson notes that you've haven't see the effects of it yet at the grocery store, but you could later this year.

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