And Words Your Computer Won’t Let You Use

Just when you thought politically correctness couldn't get any worse? Your pc is now pc.

Microsoft has gone woke.

"They've gone woke, and it doesn't look like they're going back" said Charles Blain with Urban Reform, "It's absolutely ridiculous, and I think this is just the latest in a string of major corporations that have gone down this path of trying to appease a vocal minority, and here we are."

Microsoft has a added a new 'inclusiveness' spellchecker for the latest version of Office 365. It's purpose is to offer politically correct alternatives to words and phrases it perceives to be problematic.

One example, Neil Armstrong's famous quote "one giant leap for mankind" automatically changes to 'humankind', to be more inclusive. Others include 'showgirl' (dancer), 'mistress' (lover) 'manpower' (workforce).

"I don't want to say it's the most ridiculous thing ever, because if you give them a day they'll come up with something else" Blain told KTRH, "I just hope that we start to see people recognize how ridiculous this trend is, this movement is, and start to push back against it."

The good news is, for now, you can disable the feature if you want to.


Photo: Getty Images

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