A Trend Building: More Houstonian adult children are home with Mom & Dad

Houston boasts a higher percentage than the national average of adults 25 and older moving back home. The covid lockdown has caused more young adults to move back home, according to the Pew Research Center. Family and Public Safety Expert Rania Mankarious says it's not all about covid. "Houston has become an expensive city to live in. It's not as easy to go out as a single person and get an apartment or other home in a really safe area."

"Houston has really changed as a city. We have a much larger footprint of immigrants and people from different heritages where children do not leave home right out of college." She says Houston is more international every day and many foreign cultures embrace the kids living at home until they marry.

Mankarious emphasizes that the online world has made it easier for adult offspring to maintain what they consider to be an active social life without ever leaving home. To that point, she has written a book: The Online World, What You Think You Know and What You Don't . Click Here for reviews.

She and other experts firmly believe the trend will continue. In fact, Mankarious says many new homes are already being built with a mini-apartment included.


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