Civil Rights, MLK Supporters Push Back On Critical Race Theory

Progressive politics continues to seep into college courses at hundreds of schools across the country.

A new report indicates more than 230 colleges or universities now have some form of mandatory student coursework on ideas related to critical race theory (CRT). Words like “anti-racism”, “equity”, and “implicit bias” are now found in more materials than ever before. Political analyst Dr. Carol Swain, with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, says what's being taught today goes directly against the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

“We see that today’s activists have rejected color-blindness. They have rejected integration,” Swain said. “They actually want people judged and advantaged because of the color of their skin.”

He adds that King supported equality and justice, values that are no longer promoted in some American institutions.

“He appealed to the declaration of independence, the constitution, to biblical values,” Swain explained. “That’s the total opposite of what you see among today’s so-called civil rights leaders.”

Progressives often defend critical race theory either by denying it's being taught, or claiming its ideas are aimed at creating an inclusive environment.

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