The Best Career Choice for 2022

If you have a son or daughter considering a career path, instead of “plastics,” a suggestion from the 1967 classic movie “The Graduate,” you might want to whisper “computer.”

Each year US News and World Report releases to top career choices, and for 2022 it’s Information Security Analyst. That’s exactly what Dr. Chris Bronk teaches graduate students at the University of Houston, and highly recommends the career choice. “The students who come through our graduate program at the University of Houston and cyber security, are given the opportunity to learn the skills that will catapult them to an amazing career.”

Health care is a worthwhile alternative. Number two on the list is Nurse Practitioner. Number three is Physician’s Assistant. Number four is Medical and Services Manager.

Top 10, in order

1. Information Security Analyst 

2. Nurse Practitioner 

3. Physician Assistant 

4. Medical and Health Services Manager 

5. Software Developer 

6. Data Scientist 

7. Financial Manager 

8. Statistician 

9. Lawyer 

10. Speech-Language Pathologist

photo: Getty Images

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