More Americans Than Ever Believe Our Democracy Is In Danger Of Collapse

The mainstream media messaging is apparently working.

According to a new poll released by Quinnipiac University, 58% of Americans now believe that our U.S. democracy is in danger of collapse.

"The left and the corporate media, and the people who run these leftist polling firms, they all have latched on to this narrative that January 6 was basically the pinnacle of the destruction of our democracy" said Jordan Boyd, political writer for The Federalist, "They've made this their talking point, and they're hoping that they can turn around what's looking like is going to be a very bad year for them."

The red wave is already on the way, but the left is hoping that stories like this can sway some of the departed independents back their way.

Not surprisingly, the poll also shows that 76% of those surveyed believe that political instability is a bigger danger, than any foreign threats.

"The corporate media hasn't been addressing the fact that China is hosting the Olympics, even though they have a very long list of human rights violations" Boyd told KTRH, "They haven't really addressed the fact that Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal is still leaving American's reeling, but there are foreign threats out there, and they do need to be addressed."

Russia's pending military action against Ukraine would also make that list, along with Iran, and even North Korea. But if you happen to turn on a so-called national network news broadcast, the first story you will probably see is something bad about Donald Trump, or Trump supporters.

"It is a false narrative, and unfortunately it's one that I don't see them abandoning in the future" Boyd said, "So, at this point, American's have to recognize that the corporate media is not on their side. We've seen them ramp up political coverage, we've seen them ramp up scare on Covid, and riddle with political rhetoric to boost Democrats."

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