It's Houston Marathon Weekend

Houston Marathon Week is celebrating its 50th anniversary and it starts early at 8 am this morning with the "We Are Houston 5K."

Tomorrow, runners will brave the bitter cold temperatures during the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon.

The start line, per usual, is Congress and San Jacinto.

The wheelchair start is at 6:50.

The Marathon and Half Marathon start at 7:01.

Traffic will be slow around the racecourse, which includes downtown, south of Houston through the University area, over by the Galleria area to the west, and all the way up Chimney Rock to Memorial, over east to downtown again.

Service resumes for the MetroRail Red Line at 2pm.Remember that there are roads besides just the racecourse that will be closed, and they reopen after the racers have all passed through. They will all be back open by 2pm.

photo: Getty Images

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