Blaming Conservative Radio For The World’s Problems

Just in case you haven't noticed, we no longer have a fair, unbiased mainstream news media.

The left completely owns the nightly news (except for ratings leaders Fox and Newsmax), along with all of the newspapers across the country, and of course big tech, which actively censors conservatives.

Thankfully, there are still stations like KTRH that report the truth.

"If it weren't for talk radio, we would never get our message out" said Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center, "We are always appreciative of every conservative station out there."

Those conservative stations, which used to be the norm, are now becoming few and far between. Sadly, this week Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger went on the Sunday DNC propaganda show 'Meet The Left', and said that "Trump and profit driven conservative radio" were to blame, for what he describes as an angry, and fearful GOP base.

"When RINO's speak, they always sound the same no matter what they say" Gainor told KTRH, "Adam Kinzinger is a RINO, so who cares what he has to say? He's not a conservative, and he makes it sound like profit is bad thing! That is definitely not a Republican position."

And of course, there is the mind-blowing hypocrisy, with Kinzinger calling out conservative stations, when the left as we noted, basically has complete control of the mainstream media, which is really, really scary no matter what side you're on.

"It's not lost on me the Biden's ridiculous BBB plan includes a huge payoff to leftist journalism" Gainor said, "That's what they want, the entire nation informed by more NPR, PBS government sponsored propaganda. What they're trying to do is force us all to adopt their world view."

And anything that goes against that world view is considered the 'problem'.

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