Vaccinated Americans Say ‘No’ To More Vaccines, Boosters

Americans are getting fed up with all the mixed messages about COVID-19 vaccines, especially those who are already vaccinated.

The concept is simple. You get a vaccine, you're protected. However, nowadays getting “fully vaccinated” is more confusing. Pfizer and Moderna each have their original two doses. Then each of them has a booster shot. Now, Moderna's CEO says Americans may need another booster shot down the line, which for many would essentially be a fourth shot. Separately, Pfizer says they're mass producing a vaccine specifically for the COVID-19 omicron variant. So, when does it all end?

“If we are getting a vaccine for the original spike protein, then why are we getting vaccines and booster shots for omicron? It doesn’t make sense, and I think people realize that,” Becky Blalock, with the Freedom Matters Action Group, said.

She tells KTRH she understands why so many Americans are feeling frustrated and/or confused.

“They saw that the government lied to them about their ability to be protected by a vaccine, and they saw their businesses being shut down, they saw that it wasn’t working out the way that they were told by the federal government,” Blalock explained. “So, I think they’ve had enough of it.”

She also says many Americans don't want more lockdowns. They want their children back in the classroom.

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