Construction Industry Building on Optimism

The Association of General Contractors of America have released their annual report and expect a good year. Last year wasn’t.

Supply chain disruptions that began with the pandemic had worsened in some cases as a deadly wave of Delta Covid piled on to the unanticipated slowdowns of 2021 as prices escalated, but since that time Congress went on a spending spree and approved a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package and that’s put some pep in the step of builders. We the general public will see a lot of orange barrels on America’s highways and bridges; builders are seeing green.

CEO Steve Sandherr says contractors are “overall, very optimistic about the outlook for the construction industry in 2022. While contractors face challenges this year, most of those will be centered on the need to keep pace with growing demand for construction projects.”

The GCA takes a poll of members’ expectations for the coming year and the feedback they got this year is very positive. Most expect to hire more workers this year, but with labor shortages hampering so many other industries, they may be hard-pressed to find them. 83% report they’re already running into problems filling openings.

The AGC’s survey of Texas construction companies can be found here.

photo: Getty Images

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