2022 Midterms: Wait Until You Hear Both Parties Midterm Messaging Plans!

In case you didn't realize it, the November midterms are now less than 10 months away. (Not that we're counting!) And the midterm messaging has already begun.

"And the messaging is that if you elect Democrats, you will get instability, crisis, and you'll get authoritarianism, and that's what we've seen" said Matt Rinaldi, the former congressman who is now the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, "In Texas last November, voters overwhelmingly rejected it, and I think we're going to see that again here in 2022."

The Democrats, fully aware that the 'red tsunami' is coming, have already planned their strategy. In a leaked memo, the DNC plans to attack Republicans as 'far right extremists' that are tied to January 6, and of course Trump supporters.

"Democrats are running on January 6, and Trump's a threat to democracy" Rinaldi told KTRH, "And the average person is saying what? I don't care about that. I want to know why these things in my every day life have gone down the tubes since Biden's been president. I don't think it's a compelling message, and you're going to see Biden's approval actually sink further, and it's going to be a wave election in November."

For Republicans, not only is the message pretty simple, but the Democrats served it up on a platter.

Whether it's the handling of the pandemic, inflation, the border, crime, record high gas prices, hypocrisy, lying, the list goes on and on. It's basically a slam dunk for the GOP.

"It's amazing the disconnect" Rinaldi said, "Because the average person is wondering why gas is $5 a gallon, why they can't buy food at the store, and why their job is requiring them to get vaccinated, and threatening to fire them if they don't."

As for what we can expect here in Texas?

"I think at some point you'll see a 4th special session to ban vaccine mandates, and codify the Governor's executive orders. I think once the primaries are over, you'll see a unified Republican party put together the most comprehensive, and far reaching campaign that we've seen in this state."

The countdown has begun.

Document: Getty Images

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