Americans Still Love a Good Book!

No matter if it's fiction, non-fiction, history or mystery - Americans are still reading books. Most Americans read at least a book a year, whether it be in print, and E-Book or an Audible Book. Pew Research Center's latest reading survey surprised even one of their researchers, Lee Rainie. . "75% of American adults say, 'Yes. I have read at least one book in the past year in one of those formats.' What has been surprising every year we do this is that printed books are far and away the most popular way of reading." The age demographic may surprise you!" Says Rainie, "The fact of the matter is that more adults 18 to 29 read a book in the past year than those adults who are 65 and older!

Raini says, "When we started this work in 2011, everybody was predicting the E-Books would overtake printed books, because digital material was leading the world. But - that just didn't happen in our date!" In fact, 70% of books read were the printed kind. He has some more demographics: "People with higher levels of education, and people who live in higher-income-households are more likely to be HEAVY book readers."

Otherwise he says it's a pretty even split between sexes and ethnic groups. Audio books showing the biggest increase.


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Americans still love to read.Photo: Getty Images

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