Past Due: ICE Holding Back Annual Report

We know 2021 was a disastrous year at the southern border, with some experts calling it the worst ever. But we still don't know exactly how bad it was, because the Biden administration has yet to release some key data. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) usually puts out its annual fiscal year report on arrests and deportations of illegal aliens by the end of the calendar year. But here we are, the second week in January, and still no sign of this year's report. "Over the past decade, we've never seen the release of this report go beyond December 31st," says Jon Feere, former ICE official during the Trump administration now with the Center for Immigration Studies. "Of course, now with the Biden administration things are a little bit different."

ICE claims the report is "under final review" and a release date is "to be announced." But Feere is suspicious. "I think the reason the delay is occurring is because they're doing everything they can to change the report, to make it less detailed," he tells KTRH. "This administration has no interest in getting clear data out regarding the impact of their very dangerous immigration policies."

Whenever the report is released, even if it is watered down significantly, Feere expects the numbers won't be pretty. "I can almost guarantee you we're going to see fewer criminal aliens in all categories being arrested," he says. "Not just DUIs, but drug offenses, assault, burglary, weapons offenses...all sorts of crimes that they're probably not going to report on."

"(The administration) knows that when we see the effect of the reduction in arrests and removals, it will be very easy for the public to conclude that these policies are endangering lives," continues Feere.

Photo: AFP

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