2022 Midterms: Democrats Appear To Be Losing Support Of Hispanic Voters

Democrats could be in for a rude awakening during this year's midterms.

President Biden and top Democrats may have to rethink their strategy when it comes to a key voting demographic: Hispanics. A Marist poll in December found the president's approval rating among Hispanic voters at a dismal 33%. Frank Lopez, a retired border patrol agent, says many Hispanic voters are not happy about rising inflation.

“That lack of economic growth and opportunity which causes our children, our grandchildren to leave the area and go to the big cities, that tears the fabric of the family continuity,” Lopez said.

He believes that's one reason why South Texas border communities are no longer a guaranteed victory for Democrats like they once were. The surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border also isn’t sitting well with many Hispanics.

“We did it the right way, our parents and our grandparents did it the right way,” Lopez explained. “It’s not right to give our hard-earned tax dollars to people who are breaking the law, jumping to the front of the line, and they are disrespecting what we stand for.”

He says many Hispanic voters are pro-life, want strong borders, and have a desire for economic opportunity. Values he believes many Democrats have forgotten.

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