Insulting Intel: Dems Using 1-6 to Ramp Up Spying on Americans

Democrats have been overhyping last year's January 6th U.S. Capitol Breach for a year, comparing it to the 9-11 terror attacks and even the Civil War. Now, they are looking to use the incident to increase surveillance on Americans. Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS), chair of the Democrats' January 6th committee, says they plan to recommend new intelligence-gathering legislation this year. Thompson claims "we were not apprised that something would happen" last Jan. 6, calling it "the worst kept secret in America." However, a Senate report last year found both Congressional leaders and Capitol Police did receive warnings about potential violence and problems leading up to Jan. 6, but failed to act on them.

Since last January, hundreds of Americans have been arrested and charged in connection with the Capitol breach, many of them identified and caught through their own social media posts. In addition, private banking records of many Americans were turned over to the FBI in the aftermath of the incident. Critics warn Democrats are using Jan. 6 to target certain Americans based on their political beliefs and activities. "They're now supposed to go through everybody's social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube," says Brad Johnson, president of Americans for Intelligence Reform. "And if anybody says anything that in any way implies this could be a danger, then they have to take it as real."

"It means they can limit what everybody says anywhere on social media," he continues. "And anything that's even vaguely critical will be investigated by the FBI and DHS."

Thompson claims the new legislation is necessary in order to better coordinate resources and address intelligence-sharing breakdowns at the Capitol. But Johnson doesn't buy that. "What they're actually pushing for here is another way to step into our lives and control everything we do and say," he tells KTRH. "It's actually a push for greater control over society, than it is in any way about problems that exist on the Hill with security."

"It's a power grab. Nothing more, nothing less."

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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