The Latest: Texas Vaccine Mandates

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme court will take the rare action of hearing oral arguments against Joe Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

The decision can't come soon enough, as millions of people across the country are being coerced into taking the vaccine, even if it's illegal, while faced with the risk of losing their jobs if they don't.

"It's just awful that one would have to choose between their job, and putting an experimental drug in their body" said well known Texas attorney Jared Woodfill, "I'm very confident that the Supreme Court is going to put a stay, or stop, the Biden administration from moving forward with this unlawful mandate that their implementing through OSHA."

So as we wait for the Supreme Court's ruling, where do we stand with vaccine mandates here in Texas? In case you forgot, in December Governor Greg Abbott signed into law GA-40, which bans vaccine mandates here in the state of Texas, even the one for big companies that have 100 employees or more.

"A lot of the employers out there are ignoring the law" Woodfill told KTRH, "GA-40 is an executive order issued by Governor Abbott that has the force and effect of law, that says that employers cannot mandate or force employees to take an experimental vaccine, or in this case the Covid-19 vaccine, as a condition for employment."

So what should Texans do if they are being forced to get the vaccine to keep their jobs?

"Simply because an employer has a policy in place, doesn't necessarily mean that it applies to you" Woodfill said, "You may qualify for a religious or medical exemption, and if you're a Texan I believe you qualify for an exemption under GA-40 based on your personal conscience."

Hopefully, the U.S. Supreme Court will provide a boost, early next week. The OSHA vaccine mandate deadline is set for Monday January 10th.

Business Wtih Vaccine Mandate Sign

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