Is BBB Back? Death, Taxes, and Joe Manchin Caving

There are a few things in life that you can count on. Death, taxes, and Joe Manchin caving.

Chuck Schumer and fellow Democrats have been wooing the West Virginia Senator, and it's working. Rather than forcing Manchin to take it all in one bite, Schumer is breaking into pieces to make it more palatable.

"Just because Joe Manchin is opposed to the 'Build Back Better' bill, doesn't make him a Republican" said former congressman and judge, Ted Poe, "He has a lot in the bill he likes, but there are just specific portions that he is opposed to, but he is a Democrat and they stick together certainly a whole lot better than the Republicans do."

Just because 'Build Back Better' might be smaller (for now) it won't be any better.

"It's a massive climate change subsidy for all types of green energy" Judge Poe told KTRH, "It increases another tax on the petroleum industry, of course it's going to raise inflation. Our kids will pay for this until the next century."

If that's not bad enough? Judge Poe says this is just the beginning. Once the Democrats push this through, they will focus on abolishing the filibuster, so they can 'federalize' all elections, which would ensure that they remain in power forever.

"I think that the Democrats see that the elections are not going to go their way, they're going to try ram through every thing they can this year that they haven't already done, under the Biden socialist agenda."

As we have noted here several times, the midterms are coming up in November. The real question is, can we make it until then?

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