The Surfers are Coming, the Surfers are Coming!

Dude. Texas is being inundated with people who look like Jeff Spicoli. They’re not coming for the surf.

A great human migration is underway in the U.S. as people flee California, Texas being their top destination. And among people seeking refuge from Los Angeles, their top choice is Harris County.

The US Census reports that California has lost 1% of their population in the past year, and while that might not sound like an overwhelming number, they are the most populous state in the nation by a fairly wide margin. Less so now.

82,235 people have moved to Texas from California in the past year, Texas the top destination. The rest stopped on the way, Arizona, Nevada and Washington State being the next three, and all within a day’s drive of the Golden State. Those more driven to flee high state income taxes, tent cities of homeless people, politics and plastic surgery put in the effort to make it all the way to Texas.

We tried to warn them about the traffic in Houston, but coming from California, it doesn't appear to dissuade them.

photo: Getty Images

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