Here Are Joe Biden’s Worst Moments Of 2021

No doubt, 2021 was a year not to remember for Joe Biden. Thankfully, Breitbart has put together a list of Biden's Top 25 worst moments, to make sure that we don't forget.

"There's so many different things that he failed on" said Charlie Spiering, Breitbart's White House Reporter who put together the list, "At the end of every year I usually go through the year for the president of the United States, what he was able to accomplish. Well, this year it's pretty hard to come up with a list of success for the Biden administration."

On the flip side, there were failures, all happening in less than a year. From Biden's illegal mandates, to the economy, historic inflation, record high gas prices, and of course the border debacle.

"When he was asked if he would visit the border, he said at some point. Well, that never happened" Spiering told KTRH, "We have no evidence that Biden ever visited the border, and it's clear that he doesn't care about the border. He cares more about allowing more migrants to flood into the country, than actually securing our border and protecting the homeland."

Plus, there was the incident when Biden, along with the mainstream media, lying that border agents were whipping Haitian migrants. It was completely false, and some mainstream media outlets did the right thing and reported the truth. But Biden never apologized.

One of the other highlights on the list, the phenomenon known as 'Let's go Brandon'! And topping the list, the disgraceful act of Joe Biden looking at his watch during the ceremony for the slain troops in Afghanistan. A loss of life that should have never happened, and one that Biden is solely responsible for.

What about 2022? Spiering believes Biden and the Democrats will try to come up with a new Covid plan, since they've failed miserably here at the end of 2021.


Photo: Getty Images

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