A Look Ahead, And Some Political Predictions For 2022

It's hard to imagine 2022 being any worse for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

"I don't know how it could be any worse of a train wreck" said political writer John Green, "If you look at the things he's done, he's not only damaged America, but he's also damaged the prospects for his own political party. So, I really do think that it's been a horrible year for Joe Biden, and for the Democrats in general, and there's going to be a reckoning for that."

That reckoning will come in the 'Red Wave' for Republicans in 2022, and even with Democrats desperate to stay in power, Green doesn't believe they will be able to federalize our elections.

"My biggest concern is" Green told KTRH, "What does the international security situation look like? We have a lot of enemies out there that know that this may be their moment when they have the weakest president in history, in office, and are they going to feel that the clock is running on when they have a window to take action?"

We shall see, and we look forward to being with you every step of the way, every single day, here at News Radio 740 KTRH.

Happy New Year!

Democrats vs. Republicans. Two boxing gloves against each other in colors of Democratic and Republican party

Photo: Getty Images

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