What Will Democrat Disarray Look Like In 2022?

As we get ready to ring in the new year, 2021 was not a good year for the Biden administration. 2022 is going to be even worse for Democrats.

"I think we're going to see a 'red wave' sweep throughout the country, definitely here in Texas" said Macarena Martinez RNC Texas communications director, "Texas is already red, and I think we'll see a really strong red wave both up and down the ballot."

This time around, the Democrats won't be able to blame Donald Trump. The economy, inflation, record high gas prices, mandates, the border, and historic crime, have all happened in less than a year, since Biden took office.

"The Biden administration is doing it to themselves, and what we've seen since the onset of the Biden administration has been failed promises" Martinez told KTRH, "We've seen a lack of policy initiatives throughout the country, and especially here in Texas. The border crisis has been unprecedented, and unparalleled from what we've seen history."

There will be history made in next year's midterms. Good history for Republicans.


Photo: Getty Images

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