The Fight To Get Conservative Judges Elected In Harris County

One of the big stories in 2021 was the record crime across the country. Here in Houston, the numbers were at near record highs, but for all the wrong reasons.

The problem? Liberal judges in Harris County, letting violent criminals out on bail to commit more crime. It's that simple.

"It just can't get worse than this" said the Harris County GOP Chain Cindy Siegel, "What we see going on downtown in the Harris County court system, the Democrat activist criminal court judges are just releasing violent criminals back out on the street with little or no bail."

As a result, a 'red wave' of conservative judges is set to hit the ballot in 2022, with over 60 alone, just here in Harris County.

"We're thrilled to say that we actually have a full slate of Republican candidates" Siegel told KTRH. It's a group that has been put together by a special committee. A full slate should translate well, for Republicans.

"Given what's going on nationally from the failed policies of Joe Biden, the impact of the border and what it's doing to crime in Harris County" Siegel said, "We see what's going on with Lina Hidalgo and her gang downtown, and many people are waking up."

From woke, to awake, in Harris County in 2022.

Judge's verdict

Photo: Getty Images

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