It’s Impossible To Get A COVID Test Right Now

The only thing worse than the Omicron craze that has hit the U.S.? Trying to find a COVID test!

"I think there's a panic right now, the media is invested in having people fearful and afraid" said Dr. Robin Armstrong, "Certainly there are a lot of rules that are in place right now as well, that are requiring tests to go back to work, which I think are by and large unnecessary."

Unnecessary for you and me, but not for the left.

"I think they're going to want to continue to press this" Dr. Armstrong told KTRH, "The large stakeholders, like big government, big business, big corporations, they've done well during this pandemic. I don't think they have any incentive for this to end."

The Biden administration, which purposely cut back access to the highly effective monoclonal antibodies here in Texas, are hoping to have more testing kits available soon.

In the meantime, if you have to have a test done, you may have to search around. But if you don't feel sick, it's ok to wait, rather than waiting.

Unrecognizable nurse gathers information from patient at COVID test site

Photo: Getty Images

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