This Is How Democrats Plan To Cheat In 2022

What do you do when you can't pass your massive 'green new deal', knowing that you're going to lose the House and the Senate in a year?

You make sure that you will never lose an election again, which is exactly what the Democrats are focused on now, as they begin the push for HR4, the John Lewis voting 'rights' act, even though the bill has nothing to do at all with election integrity.

"All the polling is showing that in 2022, Republicans are easily expected to take back the House, and very likely the Senate" said political analyst Debbie Georgatos, "If the HR4 bill passes, it changes everything because it allows the left, the Democrat party in Washington, to take over the entire election process."

You would think that after the middle of the night Biden break-through, the Democrats would be content. But a lot of the bogus balloting that was allowed under the guise of Covid is now gone, and they don't want to lose it, along with their power.

"What the Democrats are up to, and this is what the Republicans need to be screaming from the rooftops" Georgatos told KTRH, "The entire bill, the premise of the bill is a fraud, it is a lie. There is absolutely no need for what HR4 does, this bill is not only unnecessary, it is designed to cause racial tension."

Racial tension which is exactly what is needed to fire up a sleepy voter base, under sleepy Joe. Georgatos points out the unbelievable racism of the Democrats cries that having to show a valid ID is somehow racist?

"To try to say that the requirement that you show an ID to get to vote is somehow racist, is an insult to black Americans, and to all Americans" she said.

H.R. 4 already passed in the House, in August.


Photo: Getty Images

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