Gas Prices VS Reactions to Covid

Democrats are touting lower gas prices despite the fact that prices are still 46% percent higher than Holiday Time last year! Last year demand for gas was down because we were in a Lockdown. Karr Ingham with the Texas Alliance of Energy Providers says recently prices have gone down a bit because of the possibility of another Covid lockdown on the horizon. Ingham, however, thinks dip this is short-lived. "My sense is that prices may go up because I think the price of Crude Oil may go up because of a growing demand in 2022. And that ALWAYS means there will be higher prices for gasoline as well."

Gas Prices Soar to Seven year High

He also says, "Good Bless Texas! Our gas prices in Texas are lower than they are in other parts of the country. We have a greater availability, a willingness to produce gas and ship it to markets here, we don't tax it to the extent that other states do."


Hand holding gasoline nozzle

Gas prices are going down - but predicted to be higher in 2022.Photo: Getty Images

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