Biden Could Be Losing His Base Over Inflation

More bad numbers for Joe Biden. A new poll shows that half of Democrats now say that inflation is affecting their family budget.

That's a devastating blow, especially because the economy and inflation issues have all been brought on by Biden and the Democrats.

"The fact is that his policies, which are being pushed by the woke, progressive left" said Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk, "Are policies that are designed, and inevitably deliver, the kinds of result that we're seeing."

The question now is, will this cause Biden to lose his Democrat base?

"I think it's inevitable really" Davidiuk told KTRH, "I think it's very likely that you're going to see Democrats continue to move away from some of these more radical policies, we've already seen a legislator here in Texas flip parties."

Just like we saw in 1980, when Jimmy Carter turned Democrats to Ronald Reagan. Something that lasted for years.

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Photo: Getty Images

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